Raining Deer To be Honored by National Congress of Black Women

Author, speaker, and health ambassador Raining Deer will join a group of South Jersey community leaders being honored at the National Congress of Black Women, Bridgeton Chapter’s Twenty-Second Annual Scholarship Luncheon on Saturday, April 8, 2017. The event will be held at Merighi’s Savoy Inn,  Vineland, New Jersey.

Raining Deer aka Jeanette Stephens-El, is the author of some seven books and is a native of Bridgeton, New Jersey with strong family roots in the town known as New Jersey’s largest historic district.   Coming on the heels of her receiving a prestigious Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award, she relates: “It was an unexpected honor but one I welcome wholeheartedly because it’s from the hometown folks.”  She noted her appreciation for the NCBW as an organization founded by pioneering women of color, the late C. Delores Tucker and Shirley Chisholm -- the first woman as well as the first African American in modern times to run for President.  “Shirley Chisholm was the bomb!” she states.  “With a somewhat quiet reverence, she sought the highest office in the land and with no apologies for being a woman nor a person of color,” she states proudly of Chisholm.