On Eagle's Wings

It's the 2016 presidential election cycle. A most unlikely slate of candidates are seeking the highest office in the land to the dismay, delight and/or disbelief of many citizens of U.S. political parties and the free world. In a call to prayer warriors from every corner of the nation, author and ambassador Raining Deer delivers On Eagles’ Wings – Prayers for the President. It reminds readers that in the storm of political bewilderment, people hold the power of the vote in their hands and, more importantly, when all else fails, they must use that power to send up to the Great Spirit targeted, common-sense prayers to influence the presidency, sending them up On Eagles' Wings.


BCV – Rites of Passage for Breast Cancer Victors

My mother had five daughters - four of us have had breast cancer. But we survived. And you can too. I'll show you how. My methods may be unorthodox, but when you learn to walk in your power - you'll know your power". -Raining Deer BCV is a thoughtful, sometimes humorous but candid account of my personal journey with breast cancer. It addresses what anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer initially thinks, which is one of three things: 1. "Oh my God" 2. "Am I going to die" 3. "How am I going to tell my loved ones" In BCV - Rites Of Passage For Breast Cancer Victors, I give you a roadmap for moving from breast cancer "victim" to victor by celebrating the divine nature of healing. My self-affirming rituals will help you learn to walk in your power, thus becoming more than a survivor but a victor over breast cancer by invoking divine healing principles that are deeply rooted in traditional spiritual practices. In BCV I take you through these steps: Finding out you have breast cancer; Exploring medical and alternative treatments; Having the treatment of your choosing; Regaining clarity and your sense of purpose through the divine healing principles of Prayer, Praise and Power. Once you walk this journey with me, you'll understand the purpose for this book. -Raining Deer "Raining Deer's rituals provide rites of passage into divinity". -Wallis Tinnie, Ph.D.


10 Tips to Avoid Breast Cancer (Unless it’s in the Genes)

According to the National Program of Cancer Registries, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women of “all racial and Hispanic origin populations.” As a leading cause of death among women, breast cancer is “first among Hispanic women” and “second among white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native women.” 

It is reported that upwards of 200,000 women in the United States develop breast cancer annually and 40,000 of them don’t survive. These are sobering statistics but rather than cause us to shy away from the subject altogether, it should be a wake-up call. 

T-Time: A Rites of Passage Manual for the Adolescent Female

"Punctuating your purpose" is what T-Time - A Rites of Passage Manual for the Adolescent Female is about. This initiation guide book for women who desire to give young females a powerful spiritually charged, emotionally invigorating welcome into womanhood was born from a fusion of Native American and West African customs. This marriage created a celebratory ritual which puts rites of passage initiates and participants on a spiritual journey, illuminating their souls for a lifetime. Historical references used in T-Time ("transition time") allow the reader-turned-facilitator to define the process young girls experience as they go from grade school to middle school -- from baptism to praise dance -- and from daddy's little angel to a budding princess. Generally occurring with little fanfare and no life-altering ritual, T-Time directs a series of cleansing rituals, meditations, vigorous prayer, laying on of hands, libation, charges and divination to boldly declare to their flowering girls, "You are now a woman!" The upward movement from "Girl" to "You-go-girl" to "Woman" should culminate in an intense but exhilarating T-Time ceremony not to be missed.

Rivers of My Mind (Poetry Collection)

Rivers of My Mind is Author Jeanette Stephens-El first foray into the literary world prior to her attaining her ancestral name Raining Deer. It’s esoteric and at times political poetry and prose gained the attention of an Essence Magazine editor. Her social commentary on the Iranian kidnapping of Americans during the Jimmy Carter administration was biting (although in later years Carter became one of her most admired U.S. Presidents).  Published early in the decade between 1980 and 1990, some of the “Rivers” collection makes reference to biblical figures whose relationships fascinated the ingénue author at the time, leading to some of her most insightful verses in “The Christ As Seen Through The Eyes Of Mary Magdalene,” and “The Hawk, The Owl, The Dove and the Peacock,” which was a capsulation of her views on a political activist of the day who figured prominently in quelling the violence in the aftermath of the 1980 Miami uprising following the police killing of black insurance salesman Arthur McDuffy.

Currently out of print, there have been calls from fans for a reprinting of Rivers of My Mind.

Decisive Women: Designing Decisions in 5 Minutes or Less

Inspired by her mother’s tenacity and will to live nearly ten years past a lung cancer diagnosis, Nancy Fox became curious about women’s determination to rise above life’s challenges and the why behind each woman’s desire to live and thrive with dignity and self respect. The everyday-influential women contributing to this book, including co-author Raining Deer, reveal their commitment to the benefits, action, results, and service needed to triumph over life’s challenges. They exemplify the alignment of beliefs and desires of their heart that positively affect themselves, their loved ones and countless others. Unique and personal stories about relationships, illness, truth, pets, and living life to the fullest are shared by the women authors from various backgrounds including entrepreneurs, parents, experts of all kinds and everyday-influential Decisive Women like you.

The Gratitude Book: 365 Days of Gratitude

What are you grateful for? The assignment: Answer the question "What are you grateful for?" in 200 words or less. The result: 365 inspirational pieces, one for every day of the year, including: * The soldier who skipped his nightly run and saved his life * The nervous excitement of entering a classroom for the first time...as the teacher * The magic number tally of cars, kids and cats that make a marriage * The everyday front porch where everlasting love was found * The great vision and personal insights gained despite being blind * The treasured handwritten letters from grandparents to an 18-year-old college freshman * The dad who laughs so hard when telling a joke he can t get the punch line out * The Beautiful Ones by co-author Raining Deer, and much more! There are stories of gratitude for our young and not-so-young bodies. The green lights giving us the okay for full speed ahead, and the red ones slowing us down so we can take a breath. Appreciation for refrigerators, red chairs and carrot cake. And the moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters who bring smiles every day, plus the fur families of cats, dogs and bunnies who are the happy thoughts of life. There's even thankfulness for the trials that make us stronger. Read them all at once or day by day and enjoy the stories, the laughs and the moments celebrating gratitude. What are you grateful for?